Cleaning Specialists


This is absolutely up to you. You can either stay at home or you do not. We have the professional workers in our team. Even if you are not at home, they will do their job. You need make sure that the information of your house access is provided.
We charge depending on the size of your premises and the frequency you would like, Monthly , Every Other Month or One off cleans.
We send you a text the night before we our due to clean so you can leave the gate unlocked for us to clean.
All you need to do is send a text back before 8am on the day of works and we will rebook for next clean.
If we are unable to clean the back, we will only clean the front and the charge will be 80% of the clean cost.
You can pay cash, card or cheque on the day or you can pay by posting a cheque or bank transfer or PayPal whatever is best for you (Payments to be made within 7 day of clean)
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