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Commercial Window Cleaning Milton Keynes

We have a team of highly qualified professionals equipped with the tools and technology to ensure a quick and high quality cleaning service. No matter how tall the building is, our team is prepared to safely and efficiently put the sparkle back in the glass. We have up till now, cleaned buildings up to 65 feet high, including the windows, frames, and sills.

Professionally Prepared to Serve You

At Pristine, we always aim to satisfy our clients at every level. In order to minimize the amount of trouble and hassle for you, we have trained our professionals for efficiency and safety. The staff is well aware of the health and safety regulations as well as industry standards in terms of usage of various tools and technology. We know exactly which technique, product, or tools we need to use for best results at your specific commercial facility.

Wash and reach pole system is employed for external window cleaning jobs. This allows us to safely work at the height of up to 65 ft. For internal windows, we use hand tools and the highest quality window cleaning products best suited for the glass in your office or store. For higher windows, we use mobile platforms to ensure a quick job with the least disturbance at the facility.

The most important aspect of our service however, is the proper and complete risk assessment documentation and method statement of works required prior to starting the project. For that, we require an initial assessment and consultation session with our clients.

Ensuring Absolute Peace of Mind

At Pristine window cleaning services in Milton Keynes, we understand that each business and each building is different. The cleaning requirement of your facility may vary depending on the nature of work that you do and the location. We do not begin without first conducting proper assessment of the area. Our professionals are always ready to discuss the problems, possibilities, and expectations with you. We will not start our work prior to getting you on board. Once we have your approval on the price and work we will do for you, you can leave it all to our professionals and focus solely on your business.

We would be more than happy to submit to you more information regarding our company, such as our customer portfolio and proof of insurance.

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